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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  July 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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in d.c., the average stands at $3.86. virginia sch cheaper with drivers paying $3.42. maryland is less expensive, as well, the average around $3.55. west virginia enjoying lower gas prices there, paying $3.58 to fill up. a lot of folks are coming into the d.c. area, but just as many are leaving for the long weekend. thousands hit the beltway and i 95 yesterday. all those cars combined with construction caused some major backups. but when traffic clears up, be sure to watch your speed. virginia state police have extra
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troopers out making sure drivers are safe this holiday weekend. it's 8:00 right now. be sure to head to our website, for a complete list of independence day events around town. that includes parading and fireworks shows. you can also check out which personal fireworks are legal where you live. it's all right there on our home page. and fireworks could easily spark a wildfire and that's exactly why several cities have banned displays an sales this year. about a dozen states have drought conditions right now, many in the southeast and the west. wildfires have already scorched thousands of miles of land this year. most people seem to be understanding of the precautions, but some have actually protested and even challenged the cancellations in court. an amazing story for you right now out of alexandria as a 6-year-old boy is brought back to life after being found unconscious and not breathing in a pool. jackie bensen has more on the heroic actions by the brave
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young lifeguards. >> i was standing by the pump room when i heard her call. >> reporter: this lifeguard says she had one thought. >> my first reaction actually was you can't let this boy die. >> reporter: it happened about 1:30 p.m. she works at another pool but was at this pool for a lifeguard's meeting. >> the child was not breathing when he was pulled from the water and immediately our staff jumped into action and followed our emergency action plan to begin reviving him. >> reporter: once the child was out of the water, she immediately began cpr with a fellow lifeguard calling the breaths. the world stood still as she breathed life into the child's body and began turning again only when giant whoosh of water came out of boy's mouth. >> i was so relieved. seeing him come back and seeing
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him respond, seeing him react, i mean, having a child myself, just seeing somebody come back in, everything's okay and he can go home to his mom tonight, that's really great. >> reporter: this pool has been here for more than 40 years and the hundreds and hundreds of lifeguards who have been trained here have used that responsibility and discipline to go on to college and successful careers. jackie bensen, news 4. >> what a blessing to have the training and clarity of thought and knowing what to do. >> and the guard who spotted the child and got him out of the water ought to be congratulated just as much. great rescue. 8:03 right now. he's been to space. could mark kelly's next job be on capitol hill? the astronaut's response to rumors about a possible career in politics. how much green did white house staffers bring home last year? a look at the salaries inside the west wing when we return.
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the latest sign michael vick may be returning to his
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laters on both sides of the casey anthony trial are preparing for closing arguments. in rebuttal yesterday, prosecutors tried to disprove earlier defense testimony from cindy anthony. she's the grabd mother of 2-year-old caylee. cindy said she matt chloroform searches on the house computer, not her daughter, casey. but two co-workers testified that cindy was at work when those searches were made. prosecutors claim casey suffocated caylee anthony.defense argues the child accidentally drowned in the family's swimming pool. closing arguments will start tomorrow. lawyers are appealing a judge's ruling that allows prison officialses to force jared lee loughner to take medication. he's being given antipsychotic
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drugs. a federal judge said he dnlg want to second guess doctors who believed loughner was a danger to himself and others. since being moved to a prison in missouri, authorities say loughner has spit at his lawyer and threw chairs at a psychologist. he pleaded not guilty to killing six and injuring 13 others including gabrielle giffords. and since the tragedy, the congresswoman's husband says don't look for him to run for public office. astronaut mark kelly says he's not interested in running for political office in arizona. in fact he plans to retire as a nasa space shuttle commandner october. kelly told the national press club his main focus is to spend more time with his children. thanks to wall street, the fireworks started a little early this year. the markets had it best week in two years. the dow gained almost 600 point this is week as traders were encouraged by growth in
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manufacturing. investors were also reacting to news of greece's debt crisis being temporarily solved. in the end the dow gained 5.4% for the week. the nasdaq and s&p also did extremely well in the past five days gaining 6.2% and 5.6% respectively. for all three, it was their biggest weekly percentage gains since july of 2009. meanwhile a new white house report shows more than 2 million jobs exist because of the 2009 economic stimulus package. the white house council of economic advisers says that thanks to the $821 billion stimulus package combined with tax breaks, at least 2.4 million jobs were, quote, raised relative to what otherwise -- to what it otherwise would have been. the council was careful with its terminology. it avoided saying the jobs were created or saved. president obama has faced criticism for will deal in the past especially when unemploy
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reached 10.1%. the people who work for the president at the white house will make more than $37 million this year. that's a combined salary income for 2011 for 454 employees this year. now, that $37 million is compared to $38 million l year. about 20 employees take home a salary of $172,000. about 30% earn between 100 and $200,000 a 154 other employees will take home less than $50,000 a year. three policy advisers don't get a paycheck at all. maria shriver wants to end her 25 year marriage to arnold schwarzenegger. she filed for divorce in a los angeles court. this comes about six weeks after the former california governor confirmed that he fathered a child with a former housekeeper. the divorce papers were signed almost two weeks ago. they cited unspecified irreconcilable differs. shriver's filing does not show
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if the couple had a pre-marital agreement, but it is it state that she's seeking spousal support. it is yet another royal wedding, albeit a little less covered than will and kate's back in april. >> but a royal wedding nonetheless. this time in man inonaco. prince albert married his long time girlfriend during a civil ceremony yesterday. the religious ceremony will take place today. earlier this week, there were reports that she tried to skip town on a one way flight to south africa. and people got into the full spirit of the wedding by enjoying a special drink. take a look. t they created pink beer for residents and visitors to enjoy. it matches the color of the national flag. one ks sacustomer said it had t same he will go ahead and answer of the royal wedding. the creator said this is the
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special beer for the special moment of the wedding. >> and apparently all 7,000 residents were invited to the reception. >> so everybody got pink beer. >> good deal 8:11. a good deal coming ahead for the fourth of july weekend. >> we have celebrate to go do and i think the weather will cooperate. so coming up, i'll tell you which day we have a little bit of rain, not too bad, though. all your details coming up next. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea.
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lately we've heard a lot about the showdown over the federal government's budget here in washington. the same debate is going on across the country and threatening to take away a number of services from different communities. in fact as john yang reports, a showdown has turned in to a shutdown in minnesota. >> reporter: as the holiday weekend begins, minnesota state parks and camp grounds are locked shut. earlier, sarah hanson took her five kids to a park swimming hole. >> we decided to come out here one last time. we heard it was going to shut down and so we got out here to go swimming one more time. >> reporter: also closed, state offices like driver license exam stations, highway rest stops,
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even the state lottery. 23,000 state workers are laid off. it's all because the republican controlled state legislature and the democratic government can't agree on closing a projected two year, $5 billion deficit. like president obama, governor mark dayton says any deal has to raise taxes. >> the republicans insist that inequality continue so millionaires do not have to pay one dollar more in taxes. so far they have. >> reporter: and like their counterparts, minnesota republicans say savings should only come from spending cuts. >> this is about shutting down government for a political purpose. very disappointing. >> reporter: the national conference of state legislature says at least 31 states from hawaii to maine began the current budget season with deficits totaling more than $86 billion. >> the fact that this fiscal crisis affecting state budgets has gone on for well over three
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years means that the decisions about what to do get harder each progressive year. >> reporter: as the economy improves, there may be different kinds of fights. in south carolina, republican governor nikki haley and republican lawmakers are fighting over where higher than expected revenue should go to restore spending cuts or to cut taxes. a problem many governors and lawmakers would probably love to have right now. john yang, nbc news, chicago. 8:17. 74 degrees outside. >> it feels great. >> i think this may be the one day we agree. >> we're all on the same page with this one. >> low humidity is the key because it's actually been rather warm. but the humidity has been so low. so it's been feeling great. >> now, yes. >> well, yeah. >> can't last forever. >> that's right, the humidity is inching back up and we'll notice it a little bit more today. but it's going to be dry. so outdoor plans should be
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great. beach, pool, make, you name it, going for that hike, no problem. just stay hydrated. want to let you know the air quality is not so great. we have a code orange. that means it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. our weather is pretty comfortable. humidity has been low and temperatures down in the 50s for lows in our suburbs. this morning we got into the 60s in d.c. lots of 50s outside. right now we're at 66 in hagerstown. 74 at reagan national airport and in clinton, maryland. 70 fredericksburg. the goal is around 91 with an bun done sunshine and we'll have 90s from fredericksburg. upper 80s for martinsburg and winchest winchester, a high of 90. how about the chesapeake bay weather forecast. this afternoon not bad. 86 degrees. 87 for your weather forecast
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tomorrow. but there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms and then on july 4th, i think the thunderstorms will be for the south part of the bay and a high of 87. if you're keeping an eye on the weather, from the weather, that's where our next batch will be approaching. this is the front that will scoop up this hot and humid air by tomorrow. and that's when our best chances for thunderstorms will be out and about. now, watch this front on july 4th, it goes south of us. but lingers some clouds as far north as d.c. and it's d.c. points south that we have a chance for a few isolated thunderstorms. points north, i think it will be dry. i am going with a dry fireworks forecast for d.c. points north. little iffy. touch and go with a few thunderstorms possible for activities south of town. northern neck of virginia, southern maryland, the beaches and down towards fredericksburg. let's put it in writing. today not a bad one. we'll be in the upper 80s and lower 90s. sunset is 8:37. it will be hot and it's starting
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to feel a little hotter when we factor in that higher humidity. tomorrow morning, it will be mostly cloudy. we could wake up to a thunderstorm east of the district. and then later today, a few more morning temperatures between 65 and 71. extending your weather forecast, we're looking at that 94 on sunday. thunderstorms in the afternoon. 50% chance. monday, july 4th, isolated. 90s stay with us into next week. a few isolated storms on thursday. better chances on friday. join me on facebook if you need a specific forecast, just send me a message and i'll be happy to provide one for you. so guys, not a bad weekend. sunday is the one day we have to hurdle a couple of storms. >> as long as monday is clear, i don't know that people will mind. >> fingers crossed. >> thanks, kim. well, one of the nfl's most exciting and controversial players is once again a member of team swooch. nike has resigned michael vick nearly four years after dropping him as a client.
8:21 am
nike dropped vick back in 2007 after he admitted his involvement with a dogfighting ring. the company released a statement that said michael acknowledges his past mistakes and we support the positive changes he's made to better himself off the field. davie johnson hoped to get his first win as the nats manager and the nationals look to end a three game losing streak in that process. >> hakem dermish has highlights in your sports minute. good morning. your sports minute begins with baseball. nationals opening up an 11 game home stand last night and davie johnson making his home debut as nats manager. bottom nine, tied at one. he sends matt stairs to the plate to pinch hit. with runners on the corners, he comes up clutch. drives one deep to right. ball game, walkoff win. the nats beat the pirates 2-1 and improve their record to 41-41 and davie johnson gets his
8:22 am
first win. in atlanta, jason hayward hit a two run home run. the braves blank the orioles 4-0. baltimore has lost four straight. day one of free agency in the nhl. caps trade varlomov to the avalanche for a first round pick in next year's draft and a second round pick in either the 2012 or 2013 draft. the 23-year-old varlomov appeared in 59 regular season games and 19 postseason games for the caps. varly gone and gordon signing with phoenix. for new guys, halpern return and he brings with him hamrlik and joel ward is signed to a four year deal. elsewhere, former caps forward signs with the flyers. and in tennis, sharapova in the wimbledon final. you can see the match at 9:00 a.m. here on nbc 4.
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that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >> that great match is the reason we end early today. >> 8:23 is your time right now. still ahead, taking control. the new rules the government hopes will keep air traffic controllers awake and alert on the job. and glorifying bin laden. the controversial contest at one university that pays homage to the slain al qaeda leader. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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up in flames. a massive fire leaves more than a dozen people without a home this fourth of july weekend. serious allegations defense workers at the d.c. summer youth program. the incidences the mayor calls reprehensible. and the develops in the case against dominique strauss-kahn that led to the former imf chief walking free at least for the time being. good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." >> it's saturday, july 2nd. before we get to the day's big stories, we need to check in on the all-important fourth of july weekend forecast. >> kim martucci is in for chuck bell with some good news for today at least. >> and the holiday weekend by and large a plus instead of a
8:27 am
minus. you will enjoy your time outside. it's a comfortable start to our day. we've had low humidity. but by this afternoon, that will start to change. clear sky, 74 degreeses and our humidity is 64%. winds not pushing around too much and i expect they will stay on the light side of south this afternoon. the time is 8:27. let's taking a look at some other numbers coming in. it's 68 in winchester. low 70s from culpepper to fredericksburg. and 75 at annapolis. we'll be up away 87 by noon and 91 at 3:00. a few more clouds this afternoon but we'll hold off on showers up sunday. in a bit we'll take look at how the beach weather is shaping up. >> so pleasant right now, but
8:28 am
pretty sticky this afternoon. >> yes, the 91 will feel like it today. well, it is that time of year again when washington, d.c. gets put under the spotlight. hundreds of those of people traveling here to the nation's capital for independence day. and the national mall is at the heart of the celebrations. >> jane watrel has made her way to the national mall and she joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. it is absolutely gorgeous as kim causes partly cloudying about. just a lovely day down here on the national mall, but it will be a warm one and we'll talk about that in just a minute. i'm going to step out of the shot. you can see some of the activities going on here. there is some setup going on, some tents are being set up for the fourth of july presumably to help people stay out of the heat because it is going to be a very warm but lovely couple of days. beyond that, you can see the folk life festival and i want to talk about that. that is what's going on on the national mall today. it will be bringing tens of
8:29 am
thousands of people down here to the 45th annual folk life festival. there's all sorts of concerts, demonstrations, workshop and most importantly food. this year the free celebration features columbian culture, the accomplishments of the peace corps, and a look at the history of rhythm and blues. it's not to be missed. however,s as the temperatures hit the 90s, it's very important to wear light clothing, to hydrate, and here are other things the experts had to say. >> keep in mind that heat stress can kill. we've been fortunate on the mall to keep everybody safe. we have had incidents of heat stress and we've got help taken care of and we want to keep it that way. >> of course the best thing possibly for all of us will happen on the fourth. the best activity that happens down here despite the folk life festival which is fantastic. and that is the capital fourth celebration with the fireworks that everyone waits for every year. this year, the capital fourth will be a great concert.
8:30 am
jimmy smits will be the host. matthew morrison from glee will be involved, josh grow bin and jordin sparks among the enter aners that will be helping us to celebrate. so, again, great day down here on the mall. people are starting to come down. by the way, the folk life festival activities get started around 11:00 in the morning, so it's not too late to get down here and take in the food, the festivities and concerts. back to you. >> a lot of options. thanks, jane. new overnight, a car accident in southeast washington has left one person dead and three others badly hurt. that crash happened about 2:00 this morning in the 1100 block of mississippi avenue southeast. we're still gathering details about the accident, but here's what we've learned. police say four people were in that car. one person was ejected, one killed, the other three rushed to the hospital in critical condition. we'll have an update for you as
8:31 am
we collect more details. also this morning, d.c. fire investigators trying to figure out what sparked a massive row house fire in northwest washington. the rising smoke and flames could be seen for miles. but when the smoke cleared, 13 people had lost their homes. darcy spencer takes a look at the damage. >> reporter: this video taken by park police helicopter camera shows thick black smoke and flames engulfing four row houses on decatur street northwest. the flight crew apparently the first to spot the fire that left more than a dozen people displaced. >> when we arrived on scene, we had some pretty heavy fire conditions. it was well advanced and already from the basement up through the roof essentially spreading to the neighboring houses. >> reporter: the flames broke out around 4:45 in the afternoon. raymond meadows who was hard of hearing was inside his home.
8:32 am
he says someone banging loudly and persistently on his front door saved his life. >> i just hear a bang. most people know i don't hear well. so whoever did that, i came out of the house and that's when i saw this. so god is good. >> reporter: black smoke billowed from the buildings. firefighters say the blaze started toward the rear of one house but flames quickly spread to three others filling two more with smoke. >> i just happened to see the fire flames and they were shooting out -- i thought somebody was shooting fireworks. but it was fire everywhere. >> reporter: the blaze went to two alarms drawing 115 firefighters to the scene. battling the flames in the heat and thick smoke caused problems for some firefighters. two were treated for heat exhaustion, including this fireman who was taken by stretcher to an on scene rehab unit. firefighters were working in rotation, drinking cold drinks, and resting at a cooling
8:33 am
station. >> fire is devastating in and of itself, but when it gets this personal, it's really scary. ed an all night fire watch. they wanted to remain on scene just in case there were any flare-ups. 13 people are being assisted by the red cross. the cause remains under investigation. in northwest washington, darcy spencer. d.c. employment services is reviewing its workplace policies after sexual assault accusations from two teenaged girls. the teams are in the summer youth employment program. investigators say they charged an employee after the first incident this past wednesday. police say the second case happened yesterday. a 19-year-old from anacostia. >> anthony: said she was groped by a file clerk with the department of employment services. d.c. officials call the incidents isolated, but still want to reemphasize safety with employees and teen workers in the program. >> we want to make sure that the young participants are very
8:34 am
aware of hair surroundings, that the host supervisors are always looking out for them, and just think we need to heighten the sense of awareness about who they're interacting with and making sure that we are providing a safe environment. >> the employee who was charged is currently on paid administrative leave. charges are pending against the second worker accused in the latest case. in a surprising reversal, imf head is now a free man. the new york district attorney agreed to release him from house arrest after new questions arose about the credibility of his accuser. prosecutors admitted the woman made false and conflicting statements including lying when she applied for political asylum in 2004. there are also reports that she was in close contact with a suspected drug dealer after the incident with reported phone calls between the two with her discussing how to profit from it.
8:35 am
>> it's so important in this country that people especially the media reserve their judgment on the facts of the case until they're all in. >> it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes. but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. >> the district attorney was quick to point out that even though strauss-kahn is now a free man, the charges are still pending against him. in the wake of multiple air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, the faa announced new rules to help keep them awake. air traffic controllers can now listen to the radio or read to stay awake during overnight shifts. but only if traffic is light. also they can use sick days or vacation days if they feel they're too hired to work. now, despite these changes, the faa has still said any air traffic controllers caught napping on the job can be fired. and a man arrested for flying without a valid boarding pass was denied bail during a
8:36 am
court hearing. he was caught using someone else's old boarding pass while trying to fly from new york to los angeles. and it turns out he might have done this before. he was caught with ten other expired passes. authorities are trying to figure out how many times he flew for free. they are there are also reports he was charged for not paying a train fare in chicago several years ago. in response to nato air strikes against his country, moammar gadhafi lashed out threatening it attack england if the air strikes do not stop. gadhafi said he will carry out attacks against european homes, offices and families in a message played to a huge pro government rally in tripoli. the long time leader is currently in hiding as the international criminal court is hoping to charge him for his brutal attacks against his own people. the death of osama bin laden has been celebrated by many people, but a university in pakistan is seeing quite a different reaction. a group at punjab university is
8:37 am
sponsoring a literary contest. the contest organizers are unknown, but students and teachers on campus brief a conservative islamic student group is behind this. in the past, the group has been accused of trying to enforce it religious views on the rest of the campus. sometimes attacking students they disagree with. still ahead, taking the diet out of diet soda. why switching to sugar free may not make it easier to shed pounds. and can airplanes control the weather? the reason some researchers say jets can help determine how
8:38 am
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8:42 am
he was 9 0 years old. it's 76 degrees out here side and kim is here with us this morning and the temperature will climb a lot. >> all the way up to the 90s today and the rain will be falling down, not today. i'll tell you when that happens. all coming up next. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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airplanes could be to blame for extra snow at certain airports. planes can cause snow to fall by flying through certain clouds causing ice crystals and more snow. denver is a prime example as many lower level clouds are punctured creating more snow to fall than normal. however, one scientist says these clouds are very specialized and it isn't often that planes fly through them. giving pilots yet another reason to think they're god-like.
8:46 am
>> up there making it snow. >> really cool, though. >> yeah, that is interesting. >> no snow here. >> no complaints, right? we're good. >> 77 degrees out. no humidity. gorgeous. >> very good. that's how we'll keep it. at least for a few more hours. and then things start to creep back up later this afternoon. so today is going to be a good one. just at h little hot, but it's summer. july in d.c. let's take a look. grab your coffee or iced coffee and look at the weather with me. we have clear skies, hardly any clouds. the temperature is still in the 70s. and we still have some comfortable 60s. look at stanton about 66. it's 68 sterling. frederick, you're at 73. and it's 75 at annapolis. here is the satellite view. so much clear skies. got to love that. going to an xwornl just day. we'll keep rain out of the forecast. from the lakes to the beaches to the bay, you're good to go with
8:47 am
lots of sunshine. annapolis, your high came 88. we'll take you to 91 downtown. 90 in winchester. west virginia, wild and wonderful at a high of 89. here's what we're thinking for the beach forecast. the water temperature in the mid-70s. not bad. today sunny and 80. 82 for your sunday. and our chances for rain at the beach looking more like on the fourth about a 30% chance of thunderstorms with a high of 84. this is how it unfolds. high pressure on top of us right now. it will slide into the atlantic ocean later today. winds start to become more southerly. this brings the hot weather here. more importantly, it starts to jack the humidity up, so we'll start to notice that humidity with those higher dew points. this front will come along and scoop up the warm and unstable air mass tomorrow and that's why we have a threat of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. then on july 4th, this goes to our south. the clouds will lirng up to
8:48 am
about d.c. and it's within these clouds we could have an isolated thunderstorm. i'm going with a dry july 4th fireworks forecast for d.c. especially points north. points south, southern mayor land, northern neck of virginia, fredericksburg, could you have an isolated thunderstorm during the fire work, but widespread, not likely. it should be a decent holiday forecast for everybody. let's put it in writing. today just like yesterday, slightly more humid. we'll take you up to the lower 90s. sunset at 8:37. coming up tomorrow morning, we've have clouds around, maybe an early morning thunderstorm east of t.c. we'll going up temperatures around 65 in the suburbs to 71 here. then extended it with me, 94 on sunday, 92 monday july 4th and 91 on tuesday. we'll stay in the niblts the rest of the week. a few more thunderstorms creep back into the picture thursday. and better chances on friday with a high of 90.
8:49 am
find me on facebook. i'll hook you up with any type of weather that you need if you're headed out of the area. happy to help you out. and looks good. just sunday a few storms we have to look out for. >> thank you. food fight. as if stuffing your face with burgers isn'ting ugly enough. we'll show you how one eating competition turned even uglier. >> and comparing shorts to music. a country music star shares how he can relate to pro athletes h[ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
8:50 am
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don't be al lamped larmed if you see this low flying plane. it is a nasa aircraft doing an air pollution study. pilots are flying these
8:53 am
specifically outfitted research turbo jets over high traffic areas. massa nasa is working with researches. crews on the ground launched these weather balloons to measure surface pollution. the data gathered will help scientists improve satellites from space. jason al dean is one of the hottest country stars around. his new single is number one on the charts as we speak. >> the washington nationals are big fans. a number of players stopped by his recent concert in virginia after the star spent the day with them at the ballpark. >> jason sat down to talk music and sports. so what's the deal with the bulldogs? >> i'm a georgia boy. got a bunch of georgia gear here. and just kind of something that brings me a little piece of home
8:54 am
to everywhere we are. >> adam dunn sang your praises, said he was a buddy of yours and i know you're good friends also with adam laroche. so i don't know if it's ap-adam thing or whatever. >> it's first baseman deal. >> tell me about that. what is your friendship like with those guys and how much do you love sports some. >> i love sports. i'm a huge sports fan. and i actually had a couple offers to go to college and play baseball. so i was really into it as a teenager, kid. and i actually met adam laroche when he was still with the braves. and i went and did the national anthem. pretty early in my career. and he came up to me afterwards and just kind of started talking to me. and before the game, we just kind of exchanged phone numbers and i was like hey, man, if you ever want to come to a show, let me know. and he was like if you want to see a game, let's me know. and then we just kind of started talking back and forth and he came out to some shows and i went to a couple games.
8:55 am
and we just got to be really good friends. >> athletes that i talk to, a lot of them have gone through different adversities and they've come out on top. they've learned lessons along the way. you can relate to that? are there things you've learned along the way or maybe when times are tough when you're trying to break in as an artist? >> i think there's always tough times and things like that. you don't get to be, you know, a success i don't think without having some bumpy roads along the way. and i think it's all in how you ham tho handle those things. >> what song has most personally touched you of yours and why? >> i think a song probably called laugh until we cry. ♪ going through my closet the other day, i found a note year book flipped right to the page of that senior tri ♪ down there on that panama
8:56 am
strip ♪ >> i had just gone through losing a really close friend of our family. song out and so that was a big reason that i wanted to record that song. my oldest daughter was actually in that video, which was really a cool. and my youngest daughter had just been born, so that was hike her first road trip, we got on the bus and went up to new jersey and shot the video. so i don't know. just a lot of stuff going on around that song and the reason that i wanted to record it. i think a lot of people were like this is unlike anything -- unexpected from him, but that was a lot of reasons i wanted to put that song out and a lot of personal reasons i think. so that was definitely the one that's been the most special to me. there was plenty of beef at an eating contest in tinley town. >> and we're not talking about the burgers.
8:57 am
durning the eating contest -- that's nasty right there. dale is the one in the overalls. pete accused him of leaving food on the table specifically in the cup and therefore not winning the contest. in the end pete took home the title chowing down 17 burgers in ten minutes. his prize, $3,000 cash and food vouchers and a bottle of tums. >> he doesn't need it, he has a stomach of steel. >> i think you're right. that's it this morning. live coverage of wimbledon coming up next. >> joi i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible cr. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless.
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